10 Tips to Nail Your Remote Interview Process

Typically, these will be sent via email and follow a template that the company uses for these communications. At some point during the interview process, the employer may also ask you for your location—even if your job is entirely remote interview meaning remote. This is because some jobs are location-specific due to legal or tax requirements, among other reasons. Employers may send screening questions or do a phone call first, or they may move right to video chat.

  • We are using technology to overcome the shortage of not being able to meet in person.
  • They might sound casual, but the big companies don’t expect casual behavior right up from the interview.
  • Self-motivation is crucial for remote teams – we aren’t there to micro-manage you – so that’s a huge factor in the hiring process.
  • This is a crucial part of the interview; not everyone can work remotely, and we feel chatting about our remote work culture is imperative with every candidate.
  • And just like with the phone call, have remote-­specific questions prepared.

They have to love the role, or at least aspects of it, and it has to enable them to do the thing they love the most in life outside of work. A heavy emphasis is placed on whether working remotely will be a good fit for a candidate. We strongly filter for candidates who are extremely self-motivated, thrive when working individually and are clear communicators via digital channels (Slack, Email, Phone, etc).

The Complete Guide for Hiring a Xamarin Developer in 2024

No matter what style of interview you experience, always send a thank-you note within 48 hours of the interview. It might seem very old school and perhaps unnecessary, but it’s something most employers still expect and notice. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to take a pre-employment test for a remote position.

how remote interview process looks like

See what current and former employees say about the company and post online. While not every review will be glowing (it happens!), a majority of the reviews should be positive. Just because your interview is remote doesn’t mean you can slacken your professional dress code. The invitation to the interview may tell you how to dress, and if it doesn’t, there is nothing wrong with simply asking. Remote interviews save everyone time, money and may be even more advantageous than regular interviews.

Prepare for Remote Work Questions

No matter how established your organization is, bad hires negatively affect your productivity and your team. Especially in a virtual environment, where bonding and communication are crucial to build trust and establish a productive flow. Be careful with the terms you use when writing your job description. According to a study conducted by Indeed, when companies use fun titles such as ‘Guru,’ ‘Rockstar,’ ‘Superstar,’ etc., they scare away potential candidates. Those titles sound fun but a bit unprofessional for some, so it’s better to keep things simple and straightforward. The relationship between an employer and a remote employee is one that’s founded on trust and understanding.

  • This way, we ensure that the people we send to our clients meet the position’s requirements and would enjoy the job.
  • The pandemic gave both employers and employees a taste of just how remote work works.
  • However, avoid writing too much during the interview, as it will look like you are distracted and uninterested.
  • If you know that you have a remote interview coming up which involves using software you are unfamiliar with, you should start using it for personal catchups beforehand.
  • Most interviews will turn the tables at the end, giving you the chance to ask the questions.
  • Just like you would prepare answers to commonly asked interview questions, you can prepare answers for work-from-home interview questions too, and ace the interview.

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