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Armenian men are usually well educated, it is interesting to communicate with them, they are known by beautiful care and showing concern to their close one and family. According to general statistics, Armenians are great and reliable husbands, good fathers, they put their family in the first place all the time no matter what happens, as this is the matter of family. When considering the rates of divorce, it’s hard to claim that Armenia has real problems with divorce rates, which continue to drop for several years. Roughly speaking, the average of fewer than 25 marriages per 1K marriages is the rate in this country. That shows that Armenian women are more committed and loyal to their partners and do their best to maintain their marriages.

Later, when you get the hang of the city, meet some people, you can go out and explore different parts of the country. Generally speaking, Armenian women like to be taken care of and wine and dined. That means if you’re asking her out on an evening date, don’t just walk around with her at some park, but expect to take her to a nice bar or lounge for some drinks. On the other hand, if you’re just “hanging out” during day time – say on a Sunday or something – then passing time in a coffee shop or just spending time in a park should be absolutely fine. Since they’re very feminine, they’re also very traditional, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since it goes hand in hand.

#1 Armenian Dating App In USA

This is the worst dating app I ever used there are barely any users. The admin refuses to do so he says that it’s only if you don’t use it for 180 days. I’m keep getting requests from people want to meet which I do not want and I’m being harassed.

Hye Singles also doesn’t have real filters or features that allow you to search for a potential Armenian match and it will show you only people that are online. There are a bit more Armenian men than women on this platform, but I believe that really won’t affect your Amino account chances of finding a perfect match. Hye Singles is one of the most popular dating platforms among Armenian singles and it has been on the market for more than a decade now. Armenia is a picturesque country in the south of the Caucasus with magnificent landscapes.

Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. Here fashion doesn’t matter as much as feeling cool, comfortable and respecting religion. This is because there are around 300 ethnicities in this archipelagic country with a diversity of languages, culture, and religious beliefs, it is quite unbelievable! Indonesians are mostly a mix of southern Mongols, Proto-Malays, Polynesians, and in some areas, Arab, Indian or Chinese. On the other hand, dating an Indonesian man can be quite rewarding as they are very friendly, extremely family-oriented, always surrounded by people, loyal and generally quite nice people.

Dating rules in Armenia

This can also answer your questions you may have about how are Armenian guys in bed. Still, you will notice thick facial hair and eyebrows on hot Armenian guys, which make their look very distinctive. I was exposed to Armenian men stereotypes before getting the chance to meet them personally and thankfully I had the chance to find out the real truth.


But as with everywhere, in matters of intimacy almost everyone’s mileage varies. In Armenia it’s much more common to be introduced to eligible bachelors/bachelorettes by common acquaintances, relatives, etc, but this is similar to the diaspora. The big difference may be the expectation to marry – dating in Armenia isn’t in lieu of marriage, but to get married. In my experience, diasporans, both male and female, aren’t as quick to be interested in tiying the knot.

Beautiful Armenian women usually have quite a temper. But don’t try to change her — just accept her emotions and try to understand her, talk through the things bothering her. Act like a man and true gentleman, make little romantic gestures, and compliment your woman. Armenian dating is not the same as a Western one that you have probably used to.

Women usually imagine handsome man with Eastern passionate temperament and trembling attitude towards a woman. In fact, Armenian men are not much different than men of other nationalities. Armenians are distinguished by a sharp change in mood, jealousy, charisma, loyalty to traditions, worship of family ties, industriousness. These are the main characteristics given by the women who live with or closely communicate with Armenian men. But, it’s necessary to remember that every person is an individuality and Armenian men also are not an exception.

However, Armenian women are also known to do anything for love. They understand that marrying a foreign man usually means moving abroad, and they have the strength and confidence to do it. Even Armenians living in other parts of the world tried to find Armenian brides and grooms for their children. However, this tradition becomes less and less common in modern days.

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