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The result were great and I appreciate your honesty with my situation. I am pleased with the outcome and your handling of the case. I will gladly recommend your services to any my friends that may ever need it. A competent and compassionate lawyer, Ray does his best to provide constructive advice and needed support while I am going through the most stressful period of my life.

I remember this wedding happened just a few months after 9/11 when everybody was still shell shocked. It was just one more surreal moment from that time period. Gest accused her of hitting him in a rage fueled by alcohol, something Minnelli denied, according to The Washington Post.

They remained friends for a few months before their friendship turned into a romance. The two gradually started featuring in each other’s YouTube videos. Jonathan and his team represented our underprivileged client pro bono.

In which school did Liza Koshy attend?

I’m the end, I was not charged but only to receive a warning which is the best outcome under the circumstances. It has been a worrying 5 weeks for me and my Wife and I’m thankful we can now move on with Gino’s help. Me and my husband would like to express sincere thank you to Mr Gino and Mr leonard for all the effort they have put in our case. We’ve been going thru this ordeal since in year 2014, when he took over our case, its already half way on trail and it only lasted few months. The agony me and my husband facing all this while was unbearable.

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson got married 20 days after her divorce

I would recommend him to anyone seeking a good criminal defence lawyer. Even at the sentencing, the District Judge said that under such circumstances, the prosecution would normally seek a custodial sentence. Thankfully, she agreed with the prosecution’s recommendation on sentence and instead of sending me to jail, imposed a fine. Barely 2 months after seeing Walter for the first time, I walked out of the courtroom, a free man.

Mr Wahab is an understanding and knowledgeable lawyer. Thank you for all your help and patience in regards to my case. You made difficult time a little easier and less stressful.

Imagine the embarrassment I’ll have to go through as a “suspected rapist”. My case did not go to any court proceedings and I only received a “stern warning”. Gino was very transparent and straight forward. He explained to me all the possible outcomes of my case. Whenever I have questions, he would always respond. I am thankful that I seeked Gino’s help and assistance for my case
I thought that I am not able to get through this and felt lost during these times.

Baiross is very approachable and gives useful advice regarding matters from different angles and goes about the execution efficiently. Am grateful for his considerate personality and professionalism. I am glad that I found Mr Baiross to advise me on my legal issues. He was also very responsive via his WhatsApp when I have certain doubts.

I managed to just be given a warning and nothing else. I would definitely be coming back to Gino and his team if I ever need any help again. Gino and his staff are personable team who clearly explained how much is lds planet the process and developed a compelling case to achieve the best possible result I could have hoped for. Having them assist on the matter also gave me peace of mind during this ordeal.

Very humble lawyer with exceeding knowledge in the field of law. He made it really presentable and incorporated my instructions in legal manner. I appreciate his perseverance to help people like me who are in distress and in need of proper legal advice. Thankful for Mr. Baiross assistance in insolvency case. From the onset he relieved our worries and uncertainties. With his precise knowledge, we felt secured and confident that he can handle our matter at his best effort.

When did Liza and David break up?

At first, it appeared to be a prank that Dobrik played on his friend. However, it later emerged that they were legally married after the YouTubers filed for divorce a month later. Rumour has it that Dobrik is seeing Natalie Noel from 2020. However, rumours about this couple have not yet confirmed their relationship. After the video went viral and accumulated more than 65 million views, Liz revealed that she would never post such clips on YouTube again. She argued that as social media icons we need to be open to the public but also keep some truths unspoken.

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