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Riverdale season three alone saw almost MORE deaths than any other season so far, thanks to the Gargoyle King’s victims, Hiram Lodge’s targets and everyone else in between. Here’s a list of everyone single character who has died – and in some cases, come back to life – on Riverdale so far. After his decades-long plot was revealed, DuPont too jumped out of the window in “The Locked Room,” putting an end to the Baxter Brothers murder competition forever. However, Jug learned that he was far from the only person who people had been ordered to kill in the name of the Baxter Brothers contract. While in hiding, he spoke to the former Baxter Brothers ghostwriters and found out that each of them had had to commit a murder to get the contract.

The two of them arrive at Thistlehouse, where Cheryl and Toni explain that they found the tape on their doorstep when they got home. Instead of video footage of their home, it’s another re-enactment, faux snuff film, but this time of Clifford killing Jason. Jughead’s left confused, as he’s seeing things differently for the first time. This entire time he thought Bret or DuPont was the bad guy, but it was Chipping, or at least so Donna claims. However, Betty isn’t certain that Donna isn’t playing them.

She then asks Archie to do it for her and to say something that would keep Jugehad away for a while hoping that she could take it all back later. Betty and Alice later get in a fight about FP’s arrest and Betty proclaims that she loves Jughead for the first time and leaves to find him. Jughead sets up a ladder and climbs up to Betty’s window. When she lets him in, he says, “Hey there, Juliet.” After calming her down following a minor freak-out about being crazy like her parents, the two lock lips for the first time. Jughead visits the Coopers’ house for breakfast and manages to distract Alice Cooper for a while to allow Betty to snoop through her purse. After they uncover that the Coopers were sending money to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Jughead and Betty take a short trip and find Polly.

Season 2, Episode 1 (“Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying”)

Shortly after Riverdale began in 2017, Reinhart and Sprouse began dating off screen, as their characters dated on screen. Us exclusively revealed that the twosome split in July 2019 ahead of the season 4 premiere.Reinhart confirmed that they were back together two months later. Us confirmed in May 2020 that the twosome called it quits for good.

Betty and Jughead confront Penelope over her brothel, threatening to inform his dad should she not cooperate. In hopes of keeping Betty and Jughead quiet, Penelope agrees to answer their questions, though she insists that she’s innocent of any wrongdoings. The more Jughead plays the game, the more familiar he becomes with Eldervair and its rules. The game is the Gargoyle King’s imagination and psychology.

Which Season of ‘Riverdale’ Will Be the Last?

He has been beaten bloody and senseless, and his Serpent tattoo removed. After an unfriendly exchange with Sweet Pea and Fangs, who don’t trust Betty and suspect that she’s simply going to bail on them like her mother did, Betty and Jughead meet up with Kevin to gain intel of the shady man’s car. Betty and Jughead are called down to the Principal’s office by Mr. Weatherbee, who scolds them over Jughead’s General Pickens article. There had been a steady stream of outrage since the publishing of the article, most recently, Hiram Lodge’s lawyer. He called to tell them that they were considering taking legal actions against the Blue and Gold on the grounds of defamation of character.

Sign InBy clicking Sign Up, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and that you have read our Privacy Policy. Jordan Connor, who plays South Side Serpent Sweet Pea is in a relationship with fellow actor Jinjara Mitchell and the pair announced their engagement in September 2018 in a sweet Instagram post. Morgan, who plays Toni Topaz on the show, got engaged to boyfriend Michael Kopech, a baseball player for the Chicago White Sox, in July 2019 after almost a year of dating.

And while Stonewall Prep students Donna and Bret tried to kill Jughead by hitting him with a rock, they never actually checked Jughead’s pulse to see if he was really dead, and he’s later saved by Archie, Betty, and Veronica. A train-wreck-y hipster, Jessica is Jughead’s live-in girlfriend. Jessica makes no secret of the fact that she’s done with their relationship, since she can see that she’s not as important to him as the book he’s not writing.

Juniper & Dagwood Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper is one of the main characters appearing in American comic books published by Archie Comics. She is the lead guitarist, percussionist and one of the three singers of The Archies. The character was created by Bob Montana and John L. Goldwater, and first appeared in Pep Comics #22 (cover-dated Dec. 1941), on the first page of the first Archie story, serving as a love interest to Archie Andrews. Riverdale is getting ready to air its final season and it seems like romance is on everyone’s mind. Neave is a features writer for Screen Rant based in Brighton, UK, where she acquired a degree in Media Studies. Neave is a huge comics and literature buff with an additional love for the MCU and the horror genre.

However, he does believe that Polly was abducted by Mothmen. Betty writes off her encounter with Old Man Dreyfus as a colossal waste of time. However, Jughead argues that strange things happen in Riverdale all the time. Betty replies that there’s nothing paranormal about someone kidnapping, torturing, and murdering women. After getting a call from Donna the night before, who revealed that someone was killing off the preppies, Betty and Jughead find another tape from the Auteur sitting on the front porch. The Auteur seemingly enters their house during the late hours of the night and softly caresses Jellybean’s face with a kitchen knife.

Season 5

Following graduation, with Archie in basic training and Veronica in the Hamptons, Betty and Jughead start to become distant. Before parting ways, Betty and Jughead express that they’ll always love each other, but for the time being, they’ll spend some time apart. Betty and Jughead rush over to Blue Velvet Videos only to find an owl mask and a camera left behind. Archie checked Jughead’s pulse and said that he was dead. Betty instructed Archie to start pounding on Jughead’s chest while Veronica used the beanie to stop the bleeding.

While Betty has been with Jughead since the first series of Riverdale, she grew up with Archie and had a crush on him for years so she has always had a soft spot for the redhead. The following episode saw they were both considering being with each other as they realised EMEhive dating chat there were actual feelings there. This was all just a ruse but when Betty and Archie had a row with their other halves, the pair shared a passionate kiss. To convince everyone Jughead was actually dead, Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews pretended they were dating.

Jughead heard about her run-in with Chuck, but she assures Jughead that it was nothing serious. Betty then changes the subject to Jughead’s birthday and asks why she had to hear about it from Archie. Jughead replies that he didn’t think she was an “American Werewolf kind of girl.” Betty retorts that she’s all about the beast within. As more secrets from Betty’s family come to light, Jughead believes that her parents know more than they’re letting on. If Betty’s father would be willing to do anything to protect Polly, the next logical question would be how far would he go. With that being said, they add the Cooper family’s name to the board.

Yes, it’s petty and totally motivated by revenge, but hey, the more drama the better! It all leads to a very awkward scene where Betty and Archie are just sitting in a hot tub watching their boyfriend and girlfriend make out with one another. But just because they made out, don’t expect Veronica and Jughead to actually become a thing.

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